Interesting female locations

Many outstanding women have played an influential role in Frankfurt and many do so today: famous women such as Goethe’s mother or figure skater Marika Kilius, as well as lesser known women such as Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, the inventor of the fitted kitchen and Lotte Specht, the founder of Germany’s first women’s football club.

In her book, ‘101 Frauenorte in Frankfurt’ (101 female locations in Frankfurt), local journalist Sabine Börchers looks at the city from the female point of view and, for example, explains why the ‘Frauenfriedenskirche’ (Our Lady's Peace Church) is so called and where the ‘Frauenstein’ (Mistress) is to be found. Anyone interested in doing so, can join the author on a tour of some interesting female locations once a month.

Photo: Thorsten Willig