Souvenirs from Frankfurt

From Babbelwasser to Goethe mustard

Rose or fig vinegar, rocket (arugula) seed oil, delicious liqueurs and brandies, apple gin, absinthe – all delivered in the bottle of your choosing – here you will find an ideal souvenir from Frankfurt. The specialities on offer from Frankfurt and the surrounding region range from marzipan pastries (Bethmännchen), sausage, and apple wine to Frankfurter Mispelchen (apple brandy and medlar), Frankfurter Mainwasser (a mild brandy made from apples and pears) and Frankfurter Babbelwasser (a naturally cloudy apple liqueur). 

Tradition meets with tradition: you will also find a wide variety of mustards from the Senfgalerie that used to be in Schweizerstraße. These include apple wine mustard, Goethe mustard and – inevitably – green sauce mustard.

Source and Copyright: © Frankfurter Fass