Concept store

The concept of the shop can already be found in the title. ‘designe, kleine!’ can be translated with: “Be active!” “Realise your vision und show your idea!” Since 2006 designers and hobby designers rent one of the 50 display boxes at ‘designe, kleine!’ to showcase their products for a monthly fee. The range of products comprises handmade gifts, jewellery, accessories and  souvenirs, unique, funny products, that cannot be bought in any other stores. The little boutique is run by architect and designer Susanne Stahl. She also creates products in the open backspace. So costumers and visitors can watch the process from the beginning of the idea until the finished product is placed in the shop. If a customer comes outside business hours, there is still a possibility to get a little handmade gift. A vending machine in front of the shop dispenses ‘surprising boxes’.